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Emulsified Skin Care Class

Join JoAnna in the classroom to learn about this specialty craft.  She will be making lotions, moisturizers, cremes and emulsified sugar scrubs.  Hands on instructions and students will go home with samples of products made in class.  A copy of Smart Lotionmaking by Anne Watson is advised, JoAnna will be using this well written book as a class guide and she tells me it is her go to reference when needed.  If you have a copy bring it along, if not we have them in the store for you.  The class is going to be 2.5 to  3 hours long as there is a lot of material to cover and lots of questions to be answered.  This is a Saturday afternoon class so we can stretch it out if we need to.   Class Cost is $80 and the book is $17.50.
Class fees are due at time of registration.
September 29 is the next class in our Chandler Classroom.  Call Norman now at 480-521-6969 with your credit card to reserve.  This class usually fills quickly.

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