Soap Supplies at Best Prices for the Everyday Soap Maker

Select from our high quality tools to maximize your soap production.

  • $20.95

    Brentwood Stick Blender

    Necessary tool for soapmaking.  Inexpensive, yet powerful stick blender for mixing your oils and lye.  Disassembles for easy cleanup.

  • $42.95

    KD7000 Soap Making Scale

    KD7000 My Weigh Scale.  This is the one you always see in You Tube videos.

  • $3.95$27.95

    Plastic Pitchers

    Multiple sizes

    Made From Chemical Resistant Polypropylene
    Maxiumum Usable Temperature: 248° F (120° C)
    Brittleness: 14° F (-10° C)
    Semi Transluscent Material
    Integrated Spout And Handle
    Raised Lettering Graduations
    Ideal For Dispensing Large Volumes Accurately
    1000 mL Graduated Every 10 mL With Numbers Every 100 mL
    2000 mL Graduated Every 50 mL With Numbers Every 100 mL
    3000 mL Graduated Every 100 mL With Numbers Every 200 mL
    5000 mL Graduated Every 250 mL With Numbers Every 500 mL
  • $205.00

    Silicone Belt Barrel Heater

  • Digital Scale Soap Equipment and ToolsDigital Scale Soap Equipment and Tools

    Triton T-2 200 Gram Scale

    Triton T-2 200  gram scale perfect for measuring fragrances and essentials.

  • $79.00

    Waring Stick Blender